May 16, 2012

Fixed some errors/links.

Sept 2011

Added more photos. Reworked a couple pages due to links going bad.


Added this note.


Added a few more pictures. Not really much to add.

Added two more pages of pictures.
Added more links on the picture pages which hopefully will make it easier to get around.
Still a lot more cleanup and repair needs done.

Updating and fixing.
About time.


More pictures added.


Added new links to "Other Links" page


Added a couple  more pages of pictures.  Fixed links.


Replaced some pictures and added some new ones.


Linked to another video. Will eventually get around to adding more pixs


Linked to three more videos that were floating around on the web.


Rapid City Weekly News seems to have removed it website a while back. The links to it will be updated in a while.


Added a few more pictures.

There seems to be expressions of concern about a graffiti artist copying cartoons over many of the existing works of art.  


Added a page with a couple graphic showing how a piece may change or even get covered up over time.


Added, to the link page, links for three more art alley collections. Two are on "MySpace"  so you probably have to have a login there to be able to view them.  The third seems to be a newer site that Todd is building.


Will be adding more pictures during the week.  Finally some showing the new pavement.


Checked Art Alley last week and if that was any indication of things it would appear that foot traffic has really picked up. I have never seen so many little groups of people going through the alley. Even one guy who rolled through in his SUV trying to check out the paintings. If you really want to see it though, it is more of a foot thing.


"This is, without a doubt, a totally post-modern art gallery, wherein one can view artworks that range from the total abstract, to pop art, to photo montage, installation art and skilled works that obviously found their origins in the passions of urban graffiti."
~Jerry Rawlings - RC Weekly News

It seems that for a while now that when when art alley is mentioned, it is often called graffiti. Possibly this is only a reference to it being on outdoor building walls but can give the impression that it is all in a graffiti art style.  As Mr Rawlings mentioned a couple years ago the styles are much more wide ranging then that.

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